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Box #14: Listada di Gandia

Animal Place News405002_10151187264048220_946793431_n

Join speakers Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and Hope Bohanec at our 4th annual Thank the Turkeys celebration! Feed the turkeys, enjoy a tasty vegan meal, meet the animals, and bid on silent auction donations!

Early Bird tickets are available now!

What’s inside:

Listada di Gandia Eggplant –  One of the most beautiful eggplants, a specialty purple-striped Italian with an oval shape. eggplantCheck out the recipe below for an easy way to use many of this week’s veggies.

Black Beauty Eggplant

Rainbow Bell Peppers

German Butterball Potatoes

Walla Walla Onions


Cherry Tomatoes

Lemon Cucumbers and Green Cucumbers

Melon Surprise – you’ll get two, while they last!  Enjoy some combination of Haogen (green), Rocky Ford (green), Swan Lake (white) or Cantaloupe (orange).

What’s happening on the farm:

Every morning and evening, a family of wild turkeys visits the farm for a nutritious meal; usually from the turkeyscompost heap and the lush weeds that are a signature of organic farming.  They must have figured out that this is a sanctuary, a safe haven, for they don’t seem to mind us farming around them.

As we dig up beds of potatoes, we prepare the soil for a second round of crops; we are a little late getting it in, but we’re hoping to give you a nice crop of broccoli and cabbage in your last boxes this October.

Pisto (Spanish Vegetable Stir Fry  – by

Servings:  4-6


1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 garlic clove, minced
2 medium potatoes, peeled & cut into cubes
1 large onion, finely chopped
1 red bell pepper, seeded & cut into chunks
1 green bell pepper, seeded & cut into chunks
1 eggplant, cut into small cubes
1 zucchini, cut into small cubes
4 large tomatoes, coarsely chopped
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1/2 teaspoon cumin
salt & pepper
1/4 cup water


1  Heat the oil & garlic in a large frying pan over medium heat.

2  Saute the potatoes for 8-10 minutes or until lightly browned.

3  Add the onion & bell peppers and cook for 8-10 more minutes, or until the onion is lightly browned.

4  Add the zucchini & eggplant & cook for additional 5 minutes then add the tomatoes.

5  Season with the spices, pour in the water, & cook for 10-15 minutes more or until all the vegetables are tender.

stir fry

Box #13: New Mexico Joe

Animal Place News

Our newest rescued hens have been coming out of their barns more regularly to enjoy the sunlight and dust bathing.  Have you seen this adorable video of them exploring their new home at Animal Place?

Also internet and TV famous, some of the chickens and hens were featured on Good Day Sacramento in a segment about our Pay to Tour Program.

Good Day Piece 1

Good Day Piece 2

What’s inside:

New Mexico Joe E. Parker Chili Peppers – yes, seriously, that’s the variety name of these Southwestern-style traditional Anaheim chili peppers.  They are usually used for stuffing, grilling, roasting, or processing.  Check out the recipe below.

Rainbow Bell Peppers – you’ll get a mix of green, red, purple, yellow or orange.  You can stuff these just like the Anaheims, but they are sweet and taste great raw.

Magnifienza and Haogen Melons – fresh-picked but ripe, so best stored & chilled in the fridge.

Walla Walla Onions – a Spanish onion that is mild and sweet

Green Leaf Lettuce

Cherry Tomatoes

German Butterball Potatoes

Yellow Summer Squash or Green Zucchini

Lemon Cucumbersrebecca kids

What’s happening on the farm:

We were lucky to have Rebecca Wolf farming with us for 4 1/2 months this season.  She planted most of those tasty melons and all of those summer squash.  Rebecca has returned to college, and we missed her dearly today while harvesting this box!   Read our thank you note to Rebecca to learn more about how she made such a big difference at Animal Place on our veganic farm.

Next month we will welcome a new intern to the farm team, to help us with the CSA and some new farm customers.  We recently started selling our produce to the nonprofit Tahoe Food Hub.  Their Farm to Market program Farm to Market Program promotes regionally-produced  and sustainably-grown foods, and helps small farmers get their products to market in North Lake Tahoe.

Stuffed Anaheim Chili Peppers covered in Nacho “Cheese” Sauce – by Plant Happy Life!

For the filling:100_1424
1 cup brown rice
1 cup diced red onion
1 cup corn kernels
1 can black beans
1 ts salt
1 ts cumin
freshly ground black pepper
1 handful of chopped chives or green onion for color

Cook 1 cup brown rice with 2 cups water (its always 2:1). I know people struggle with cooking rice, but just buy a rice cooker and make sure it has a brown rice setting. Really its like Ron Popeil used to say, “just set it and forget it!” Once its cooked add the remaining ingredients and mix it all up.

For the “cheese” sauce:
1 1/2 cup pine nuts
3/4 cups water
3 Tbs lemon juice
1 ts miso paste
2 ts salt
3 Tbs Nutritional Yeast
1 ts garlic powder
1 ts dried minced onion
1 ts paprika (Don’t use smoked paprika. Use the stuff that comes in the clear plastic packets in the Mexican section of the grocery store.)

Simply blend until creamy! I have a cheap blender so I have to blend then stir it, then blend again. Repeating as necessary.

For the peppers:
I used 9 Anaheim Peppers and had about half the filling left, so you could probably do about 18! Simply cut the stems off and use your hands to get a fair amount of the seeds and white stuff out. Lightly oil the outsides of the peppers, along with a large sheet pan so they don’t stick. Now its time to get stuffing! It’s easy to do and went pretty quick for me. Just grab a bunch of the filling with your hands and carefully push it down into the cavity. For energy reasons, I don’t often preheat my oven unless I’m baking cookies or some other dessert. So for me, this is when I would turn on my oven to 350 degrees and pop these babies in at the same time. Bake them until their skin seems soft and just a bit shriveled. Once they are ready, arrange a few on a plate and top with the “cheese” sauce.

Box #12: It’s Melon Time

Animal Place Newsrebecca volunteer

Interested in volunteering?  We could always use a helping hand with the animals, on tours, at outreach events and of course on the veganic farm.

Join us for a volunteer orientation this Saturday, 11am – 1pm.  Please sign up online, and let us farmers know that you’re coming…we’d love to share a post-orientation melon with you.

What’s inside:

Cantaloupes and Haogen Melons – fresh-picked but ripe, so best stored & chilled in the fridge.

Rainbow Bell Peppers – you’ll get a combo of green, red, yellow, orange or purple.  The taste is similar – sweet!

Red Wing Onions – we’ve left a bit of the stem, which can be chopped up along with the bulb

Romaine  and Butterhead Lettuce – times two!  We don’t want to risk the lettuce “bolting” in the high temps this week, so we’ve included two heads this week.  Fingers crossed that we can include lettuce again next week.

Mixed tomatoes – we’ve had a tumultuous tomato season, due to an unexpected late frost back in May.  In your box you’ll find some mix of Green Zebras, Rutgers beefsteak (unfortunately named) and Brandywine.

Red cherry tomatoes

German Butterball or Rio Grande Russet Potatoes

Lemon Cucumbershen melon close up

Green Cucumbers

Green or Yellow Summer Squash

What’s happening on the farm:

It’s melon time!   The seeds were planted in the springtime by a team of interns from both Animal Care and the Farm.  For the second season in a row, melons have proven to be both an easy and abundant crop for us.  We plant, water and wait.  While the pigs are the most vocal and eager to devour this sugary treat, the chickens also enjoy pecking out the seeds and then gently nibbling away the rest.  What a pleasure to watch our new hens, recently rescued from a miserable life, enjoy the sweet slices….finally, finally, enjoying a sweet life.

Cantaloupe Sorbet – by Vegan Dad

For those who wonder about the alcohol, it inhibits freezing and gives the sorbet a softer and smoother texture. You don’t have to use it, but it is better if you do.

Makes about 4 cups, or 1 quart
– 3.5 cups diced ripe cantaloupe
– 1 cup sugar
– juice of 1 lemon
– 2 tbsp tequila

1. Place diced cantaloupe and sugar in a food processor and process until smooth. Add lemon juice and tequila and blend.
2. Place mixture in the fridge for an hour to chill, then process in an ice cream maker. Transfer to a container and freeze overnight before serving.

Cantaloupe Sorbet


Box #11: Red Onions, Red Potatoes, Red Tomatoes!

Animal Place News

The recent rescue of 3,000 hens has been covered by News 10 Sacramento, Fox40 News, Vacaville ReporterThe Union and of course on the Animal Place website.  Please share their story widely and help raise awareness and compassion for all species.

What’s inside:

Red Wing Onions – the ultimate sandwich onion!

Colorado Rose or German Butterball Potatoes – use these plus the red onion in the potato salad recipe below.  No mayo!  We may not have enough red potatoes to go around, so some of you may get the perfect-sized German Butterballs.

Purple beans

Mixed cherry tomatoes – yellow and red sweetness!  A bigger bag.

Black Beauty Eggplant – Slices work well on the grill, brushed with olive oil and basil.

Lemon Cucumbersgrowing green

Green Cucumbers

Romaine or Green Leaf Lettuce

Yellow Summer Squash

Dark Green Zucchini

Fresh thyme – this goes especially well with roasted or sautéed squash

What’s happening on the farm:

Are you interested in reading more about the veganic movement?  We recently published an article about our farm in Growing Green International, a UK-based magazine about vegan organic growing.  Growing Green features a mixture of articles that cover practical, technical, and ethical issues, as well as more humorous items, hints and tips, letters and illustrations.  You can subscribe online to this twice yearly publication.

Easy Champagne Vinegar Red Potato Salad – by Gluten Free Goddess

It’s barely a recipe. All you need is some good tasting extra virgin olive oil, a light but bracing vinegar, a diced red or purple onion, sea salt, fresh cracked pepper and some tarragon. Easy vegan bliss.
1 bag of ripe and firm Red Bliss potatoes – about two pounds
1 medium red onion
Organic extra virgin olive oil
Champagne vinegar
Sea salt and fresh cracked pepper
Tarragon – fresh, snipped, or dried


Heat a large pot of fresh cold water to boil. Add some sea salt.

Wash off the potatoes; leave the skins on. Cut the potatoes into quarters or bite size chunks. Put them into the water and simmer until fork tender – about 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, dice the onion.

Drain the potatoes well and pour them into a large bowl. Add the onion and lightly mix. Add enough extra virgin olive oil to moisten the potatoes – about 1/4 cup or so. Drizzle liberally with the Champagne vinegar and toss. Taste test.

 Add more if needed. Don’t be stingy.
Season with sea salt, cracked pepper and tarragon. Mix well with a wooden spoon. I like to soften the shape of some of the potatoes, but not all. I prefer my potato salad with some definition.
And now you have a choice. You can serve it warm – which is divine. Or cover and chill it. Once chilled, taste test for seasoning adjustments because the chilling process dampens the flavors a bit.
potato salad
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